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Rewards and Sanctions

The school offers a system of rewards which promotes good behaviour and positive attitudes. A Merit Scheme is used in Key Stage 3 and a system of credits, rewards and letters of commendation are used in Key Stage 4.

There is also a system of sanctions which is used when the school Code of Conduct is not followed, when students are not working to the best of their ability or are late for school with no acceptable reason.

The main sanctions used are break or lunchtime detentions and a school detention operates from 1.25 to 2.00pm each day. Students who normally go home for lunch may stay in school to complete a detention but where this is not possible parents will be asked to make arrangements for the detention to be completed after school. After school detention may also be used in consultation with parents where students are not responding to other sanctions.

Fixed term exclusions may be used where individual students do not respond to the normal sanctions or for one-off instances of unacceptable behaviour.

Permanent exclusion is the final sanction and is used when other sanctions have been tried or when very serious instances of unacceptable behaviour have occurred.