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Welcome to the library!

Our library is an important part of our school, as it offers a warm, welcoming space for all of our students and staff. It is the perfect place to read, study and learn. Each week we host a range of clubs that give students the opportunity to read and discuss books.

Students can borrow two books at a time for up to two weeks. After two weeks you can either renew the book you’re reading or bring it back and try something new. You can access the library system and search for books in school. You can also place a book on hold using the library system, and it will be delivered to your form room. Mr Simpson is always here to give you advice if you need help finding the right book for you.  You can also find reading lists on the Koha library system which some list great books for you to read; all of these books are in the library and the lists are arranged by topics and genres (e.g. football, fantasy, dyslexia-friendly etc.). If you would like a list creating (or if you would like to create your own list for yourself and/or other students!) then please let Mr Simpson know. 

Did you know?

You can also join your local library, whether in person or online. Not only does this give you the opportunity to borrow books, but it also means you can borrow free audiobooks, eBooks, eMagazines and eNewspapers. For children under 13 your parents will need to sign you up if you want to access this service. If you are 13 or over, then you can sign yourself up

If you would like any help finding your local library or joining this free online service, then please do get in touch with Mr Simpson in the W.G.S. Library. We also have a sign-up guide in the library which you can also access here. If the book that you want is not on the system then you can request it: Mr Simpson can help you with this if you need support. The DCC library system also lets you change the font size, screen colour and text size by clicking the Aa button. There is video guide here, or Mr Simpson can help you to do this, if you would like support.

If you like to read books on a Kindle or other apps. then there are lots of great features to make reading easier and more accessible. You can change the background colour and font size/type for comfort (including ‘OpenDyslexic’ on Kindle); look up words on a dictionary at the touch of a finger; and use the ‘speak’ command on iBooks to hear unfamiliar words out loud.

Get your books delivered to your door!

If you would like to order a book to be delivered to your form room, then open Koha (the ‘School Library’ tab on your home screen), and type in the title of the book that you want.  Then click ‘place hold’ followed by ‘confirm hold’. The book will be delivered to you the very next day!

We also have lots of lists of books to help you find a book that you'll love, including sci-fi, football and crime lists. To find a list, open Koha (the ‘School Library’ tab on your home screen), and click on ‘lists’ which will show you all of the book lists. If there's a list that you'd like (but that doesn't yet exist!) then let Mr Simpson know and he will create one for you or she can help you make lists for the rest of the school!

Free eBooks and audiobooks:

We know lots of you love technology, so we have a great new way to read books around our school: QR codes. There's a display in the English corridor with books titles along with a QR code which will take you to a free eBook that you can read on your phone or computer. The 'Bookflix' display outside of the library also has QR codes where you can read the opening section of a book; if you like the sample you  can then pick up in the library! We'll also be adding QR codes around the school with free eBooks, audiobooks and reviews, so keep your eyes peeled!

There are lots of great websites that offer free books for you to read online. If you would like help accessing these then please ask Mr Simpson(library). You can also access the books in the resource library before and after school and at lunchtime too. Here is a list of some of our favourites:




We also have a document with free eBooks and audiobooks which you can find here. If there’s a specific book that you would like but you can’t find it online then please do ask Mr Simpson who will try to get a free online eBook or audiobook for you. Please also see the 'Did you know?' section above which explains how to access many more eBooks and audiobooks. 

Social media:

You can follow the library on both instagram and twitter for updates on books, reading and events! Remember that you must be 13 or over to use these platforms!

English in Action magazine:

Our year 7 and 8 pupils have created a brilliant magazine which is jam-packed with interesting, clever and funny articles. There’s something for everyone with a range of topics, including sport, art, food, entertainment, the environment, gaming, news, science, history, wellbeing and vehicles. You pick up a hard copy of the magazine in the library or you can access the magazine here.

Reading for Pleasure:

Whether you’re looking for something to read or fancy a challenge, we have a recommended reading list for each stage. Click on the links below:

Key stage 2/ 2023 starters

Key stage 3

Key stage 4

Reading resources:

Are you looking for tips on how to improve your reading, writing and/or speaking? Then visit the National Literacy Trust’s brilliant website Words for Life. Each week they host competitions as well as sharing great resources for reading, including book, podcast and website recommendations. 

Do you want to join a book group outside of school? Then you can check out The Federation of Children’s Book Groups where you can find local groups, events and competitions.

The Love Reading website for schools is a great place to find more reading recommendations. You can find books by genre, topic and ages, as well as books for young people with dyslexia and reluctant readers.

The Love Reading website for children and young adults is also a great resource for young people; it gives you the opportunity to read free extracts of books or listen to audiobooks for free. It's a great place to discover books and find books that you'll love.

No matter what your interests are, there are author talks and reading-related videos for everyone on the Scottish Book Trust website.  Authors include Darren Shan, David Walliams, Eoin Colfer, Joseph Coelho and Jackie Kay. 

The 16 Before 16 Challenge:

This great challenge celebrates the very best of fiction books and reading. The task is to read 16 brilliant books before you turn 16. To take part in the challenge please pick up a challenge card from the library or from your English teacher. Each time that you read a fiction book ask Mr Simpson or your English teacher to sign your card. Once you complete the challenge you’ll be awarded a ‘16 Before 16’ badge along with a prize! You can read our recommended books list to choose your 16 books or you can build your own adventure.

Student librarians:

Every student has the opportunity to become a student librarian. Our librarians help with the day-to-day running of the library which helps them to develop self-esteem and a strong sense of responsibility. Student librarians undertake a maximum of 2 shifts per week which take place during lunchtimes. To apply to become a student librarian please fill in this form and return it to Mr Simpson.

The duties of the student librarians include:

-Re-shelving books and tidying the shelves.

-Helping with library displays.

-Supporting library users to find the right book.

-Using the library book scanner to check books in and out of the library.

The benefits of being a student librarian include:

-Stamps and termly prizes.

-An annual celebration certificate.

-Appreciation from staff and students.

-Learning new skills which you can add to your C.V.

-A sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Paired Reading Mentors:

This year we have launched our Paired Reading programme. The programme pairs a year 11 student, who acts as a Paired Reading Mentor to a reluctant reader, with a pupil in year 7 or 8. Our Paired Reading Mentors meet with their mentee once a week during form time (Wednesday for year 7 and Tuesday for year 8).

If you would like to get involved or find out further information, please get in touch with Mr Simpson in the library.  You can also view our Paired Reading Mentor poster here.

Student journalists: 

Each year we recruit the Whittington Green School Journalists. The student journalists will have the opportunity to write articles for the student magazine or to create pieces of broadcast journalism such as videos. If you would like further information then please see Ms Beresford-Robinson at reception.

Book-related clubs:

Here are our library-related and book-themed clubs at Whittington Green School. If there is a club that you would like to see in the library, then please do let Mr Simpson know; we're always happy to try new ideas and support you to develop your own clubs!

Club Description Date/time
Books and Biscuits for years 7-8 You can come into the library to read at any break-time or lunchtime, but on Mondays there will also be some free biscuits and snacks to enjoy whilst you read! Find the poster here.  Tuesday 9.50am-10.10am in the library.
Manga Club for all years A club where we read and discuss the very best of manga. This is your opportunity to find and share your favourite manga with like-minded people! Find the poster here. Thursday 3-4pm in the library.
Books and Biscuits for years 9-11 You can come into the library to read at any break-time or lunchtime, but on Fridays there will also be some free biscuits and snacks to enjoy whilst you read! Find the poster here. Wednesday 10.50am-11.10am in the library.