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Year 7

Starting out in the workshop at Key Stage Three

A full workshop safety induction is undertaken before any students are allowed on woodworking machines. Students learn to respect powerful machinery whilst gaining confidence in a supportive and safe environment. Leading up to Christmas students learn about using hand tools and accurate working practices during the Christmas Tree Hanging Decorations project.

In the run up to Christmas year 7 students learn to use a variety of hand tools and techniques to design and make a wooden decoration to hang from a tree. There is also the opportunity to mix materials with threading techniques used to enhance the basic decoration.

 Following on from the Christmas Decoration project students encounter a wider variety of materials and making techniques in the Bug Hotel Project.


The bug hotel project introduces awareness of environmental issues and a greater knowledge of materials (Natural & man-made timber). It is the first project that has to fulfil a purpose. Students will gain more knowledge of wood working machinery and of a variety of wood joining techniques.

Year 8

Art Deco Clock project

 An appreciation of designers and specific design styles is introduced with a study of Art Deco design. Students undertake research into existing products designed with an Art Deco look to them. The challenge for the students is to introduce the essential aspects of Art Deco into the design of a desk mounted clock. This project also introduces students to 2D CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design & Manufacture) and the schools laser cutter. The clock project introduces  modern materials (acrylics) and also mechanical joining techniques (screws, bolts etc.)

Our laser cutter has been in use at Whittington Green School for more than 8 years and has been used for a wide variety of projects within the curriculum and also during Technology Club time. Both the laser cutter and our CNC Router are maintained and operated by highly experienced technical staff. Students are encourage to learn about the laser cutters operation whenever possible.

 Key Stage 4

Whittington Green School has chosen to follow the GCSE Design Technology provided by Edexcel . Students follow a program of focused practical tasks and extended design & make projects to gain the necessary knowledge and skills needed to complete a controlled assessment task set by the exam board in the year of examination.

Past work has included the following...

Storage chest in the style of a Land Rover Defender front end employing traditional joinery techniques and laser cut detailing.

 Technology Club

On Mondays after school students with an interest in developing a wider range of Design & Technology skills are able to use the workshop facilities to either realise there own personal projects using equipment and facilities they do not have at home. The club also provides extra support for students who need it in their normal curriculum time. The club is run by teaching and technician staff...

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Useful web links


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