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Positive Support Programme

Our positive support programme is designed to encourage positive behaviour and attitudes towards learning. The aim of this programme is to allow Whittington Green School’s students is to achieve and succeed. Effort, achievement, resilience and success are recognised in a number of different ways.

Student Planners

Student planners are an essential part of the positive support programme. Students will need to have their planners with them at all times as this is going to be where both rewards and low level disruption will be recorded. We hope that you will regularly look at your child’s planner so that you are aware of all the positive things they are doing, as well as being aware of any incidents they have been involved in during the school day.

Students will have a weekly positive support lesson with their form tutor. During this lesson all positive and negative comments in the planner will be recorded by the form tutor and discussed with the student.

All teaching and many non-teaching staff are provided with stamps and these will be awarded in a lesson or around school for good, very good or excellent effort or achievement, answering questions or just being helpful. Stamps add-up and turn into certificates.

Positive Rewards

Positive pupil performance will also be rewarded through

  • Subject and form tutor postcards            
  • Positive phone calls
  • Certificates
  • Celebration evening


Low Level Disruption Comments:

If students are seen or heard to be taking part in low level disruption then a member of staff will write a comment in the planner. If a student reaches 6 comments within a school week then this will result in them spending a day in isolation.

Lack of progress during a lesson:

If a student does not make acceptable progress during a lesson the teacher will put a P into the comments section of the planner. This will result in the student staying behind after school (for one hour) to give them the opportunity to catch up on their work and make the desired progress that they failed to make during their lesson.


Isolation runs from 8:30 until 4:00pm. Whilst in isolation students will complete work set by their class teachers as well as restorative work provided by the isolation team. The isolation team will call to inform you that your child will be in school until 4:00pm. If we can’t reach you then a text message will be sent home. Please can you inform us immediately if you change your number to ensure you receive the message.