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Early Help Workshops

Drugs workshop

Our drugs workshop provides education and awareness of drugs and drugs issues which affect local communities.

Students taking part in a drugs awareness workshop in the Early Help Center

Emotional Health and Well-being

Thea Boyle is the Emotional Health and Well-being Co-ordinator, working in association with the Early Help Service. Her mission is to combat the stigma attached to Mental Health, and encourage others to speak about it! Our Mental Health is just as important as our Physical, and identifying when we need to make changes in life is a crucial part of our Well-being.

Thea will be looking at the '5 Ways to Well-being', focusing on a new 'way' each term.  We should all aim to identify which areas we feed into daily, and which ones are lacking... You may be active regularly, but forget to stay in touch with friends. Maybe you are constantly working hard for others, but are forgetting to take notice of your own needs.

How can YOU boost your Emotional Health? Try using the Check-list below, and let us know how you get on! 'When we feel centred in life; everything becomes more interesting, attainable, and most importantly, enjoyable.'

You can download a full size version of this poster by clicking on it to open it in a new window.

C-Card and sexual health sessions

Our sexual health service provides advice, support and guidance to enable young people to make informed choices. Students are welcome to come over to the house on Thursday lunchtime or after school to access a safe and confidential service.

Lego club

Our Lego club is a play-based group activity which helps children to develop communication and social skills. Lego club also promotes teamwork, problem solving and friendship.