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Whittington Green School enjoys an exciting and up-to-date Performing Arts department, with the teachers’ and students’ enthusiasm for the subject at the forefront.

Key Stage 3

Pupils are taught the following skills outlined by the current KS3 national curriculum for music:

  • play and perform confidently as a soloist and within a group
  • improvise and compose; looking at musical structures, styles, genres and traditions
  • use staff and other relevant notations appropriately
  • music theory; including use of tonalities, different types of scales and other musical devices
  • listen with increasing discrimination to a wide range of music from great composers and musicians
    develop a deeper understanding of the music that they perform and to which they listen, and its history

We have designed our key stage 3 curriculum in order to develop a sense of musical community for our students. We want all our students to be able to get involved with our large scale school productions and develop strong relationships throughout the school, enhancing the tight knit community we have at WGS.  We hope all students continue making music after they have finished at the school and feel a real sense of achievement at the end of their musical journey. We develop general musicianship alongside encouraging students to extend their own confidence and musical interests.

In line with the new KS3 national curriculum for music (2013) the school focuses on a performance and composition orientated curriculum. This puts music making at the centre of all our lessons. Students develop their confidence as performers but also learn how to listen a appraise others. Students set their own goals and targets. Ultimately we need students to have the confidence to be their own judge in monitoring their own musical progression.

Music is taught to all of key stage 3 as part of the core curriculum. Units and topics covered are as follows:

Year 7

Keyboard basics

Standard notation

Pentatonic composition

Guitar Basics

Rhythm and instruments

Cover Versions

Computer Music

Year 8

The Blues


Song Writing


Advanced Cover Versions

Film Music

Options – Year 9, 10 and 11

For students wanting to carry on with music into key stage for the school offers the following Pearson BTEC music course.

Pearson BTEC Music Arts This is a vocational course where students can develop their skills in music, performance, and music technology whilst learning about the music industry from a variety of perspectives. The course is extremely practical and it encourages independence and initiative. By the end of this course students will have had the option to compose original pieces of music, perform in front of an audience, learn about live sound, get to grips with computer technology and work as part of a band. This course allows students to explore the full range of music and tailor the course to suit them.

The BTEC music exam is on the workings of the music industry. This is a massive benefit over other GCSE level course because it is the only course that gives students an insight into the real workings of the music business. We cover a range of topics including how record labels work, how promoters go about putting on concerts, and how young musicians are creatively using social media and video streaming sites to promote their own music.

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For more information on music at The Whittington Green School, please contact Mr. Redgrave.