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Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

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In a world where communication has linked countries and cultures, being able to speak a foreign language is a benefit to both individuals and companies alike. Whether you wish to use your language skills on holiday or to further your career prospects, the skills taught in the classroom are essential. 

Languages are taught in Key Stage 3 in a fun and engaging way by dedicated members of the department. Students are taught Spanish throughout Key Stage 3. ICT has become an integral part of our language teaching and learning.

In KS3 and KS4 students are assessed regularly throughout the year and therefore will be expected to learn items of vocabulary, grammar or pieces of written or spoken work to monitor and assess the students’ knowledge and understanding in the four skills of Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing.

Key Stage 3 

In KS3 we use the “Claro” course for Spanish, which is supplemented with materials from a variety of sources. During KS3 students will be taught a foundation course across a number of topics and themes, which forms a basis for further study at KS4. Students will be taught to understand and communicate in the four skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, which are assessed through the course assessments. 

In Year 7 the students will cover the following topics:-

1.       Me presento – Talking about Myself

2.       Mi burbuja – My Family

3.       Mis pasatiempos – My Hobbies and Free time

4.       Mi casa – My house and Home

In Year 8 the students will progress to covering the following topics:-

1.       En mi ciudad – In my Town

2.       Mi insti – My School

3.       Mis vacaciones – my Holidays

4.       La comida – Food and Drink


Key Stage 4

In KS4 we use the GCSE “AQA Spanish” course book together with the Kerboodle software. The course is also supplemented with a variety of other materials. In KS4 students build on what they have previously learnt in KS3. Students will communicate and show understanding of a selection of topics drawn from the themes below. Students will be expected to understand and use a widening range of vocabulary and structures, give detailed accounts of events and express opinions, as well as dealing with the unexpected. Students are require to complete online tasks in class as well as for homework tasks. Regular homework will be set, which may comprise of learning or reading/writing tasks. Completion of homework is a vital part of the GCSE course.

The units studied at both KS3 and KS4 are drawn from the following themes:

Theme 1: Identity and Culture 

Theme 1 covers the following four topics with related sub-topics shown as bullet points:

Topic 1 – Me, my Family and friends 

  • Relationships with family and friends
  • Marriage/partnership

Topic 2 – Technology in everyday life

  • Social media
  • Mobile technology

Topic 3 – Free time activities

  • Music
  • Cinema and TV
  • Food and eating out
  • Sport

Topic 4 – Customs and festivals in Spanish speaking countries/communities  


Theme 2: Local, national, international and global areas of interest.

Theme 2 covers the following four topics with related sub-topics shown as bullet points:

Topic 1 – Home , town, neighbourhood and region

Topic 2 – Social issues

  • Charity/voluntary work
  • Healthy/unhealthy living

Topic 3 – Global issues

  • The environment
  • Poverty/homelessness

Topic 4 – Travel and tourism


Theme 3: Current and future study and employment

Theme 3 covers the following four topics with related sub-topics shown as bullet points:

Topic 1 – My studies

Topic 2 – Life at school/college

Topic 3 – Education post 16

Topic 4 – Jobs, career choices and ambitions



We have two language rooms and a suite of computers. Computers are used in lessons to reinforce and practise vocabulary and grammatical structures. Each classroom is also equipped with a projector, which allows ICT facilities to enhance the teaching and learning. Much of the ICT software we use allows revision and reinforcement through games. In KS3 all classes have a timetabled lesson per fortnight in a computer room and in KS4 the adjoining computer suite/ a computer room may be used.


Modern foreign language teaching offers many opportunities to address SMSC. We explore and learn other languages and investigate the countries in which they are taught. We learn about the differences, beliefs, culture and customs of other nations and compare them with our own. We respect and embrace the diversity that is offered through the study of MFL.


Useful Websites 

Linguascope Students have login details

Languages online No password required

BBC Bitesize No password required