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Parent Questionnaire: Results

On Target Setting Day we asked all parents to complete a questionnaire providing feedback on how well the school is performing. Year 7 parents were also questioned on how well the school managed the transition from primary to secondary school for their child. 173 parents were kind enough to complete the questionnaire and the results are summarised below.

Overall the results of the questionnaire were very positive and we are pleased that the hard work that has gone in to making improvements to the school over the last few years is making a difference. Parents left some very encouraging comments, with typical examples including:

“My daughter has made lots of friends since being here and gets on well with teachers.”

“A nice touch receiving a phone call about my son's progress.”

“The school has dealt with any issues I've had with my daughter and bullying in previous years.”

“Poor behaviour is being addressed. The informal feedback I get about other schools suggests their regimes are very punitive and humiliating on occasions. The impression I get about WGS is that students are not humiliated and staff provide effective support in balance with punishment to address behaviour.”

“This is a good school.”

“Fantastic school. My children really enjoy coming.”

The statistics for the questions regarding our pastoral support were excellent. For example:

95% of parents said that their child was happy at this school

99% of parents said that their child feels safe at this school

99% of parents said that their child is well looked after at this school

94% of parents who expressed an opinion said that we deal
effectively with bullying

95% of parents who expressed an opinion said that we make pupils behave well


We are also pleased with the excellent results for teaching and leadership for those who expressed an opinion:

98% of parents said that their child was making good progress

96% of parents said that their child is taught well

98% of parents think the school is well led and managed

95% of parents think that we respond well to concerns

96% of parents think that they receive valuable information about their child’s progress

98% of parents would recommend the school


Feedback from Year 7 parents with regard to the transition process was also very positive:

100% of parents thought that their child was well prepared for September

97% of parents thought that their child enjoyed the transition days

97% of parents thought that the intake evening was informative and helpful


Positive comments from Year 7 parents included:

“My daughter is happy here and enjoys the lessons and is making friends so it is positive so far thanks to the staff who have made her feel welcome and been so approachable.”

“My son is loving being here in Year 7. I think his transition from Mary Swanwick was handled perfectly and he is given appropriate amounts and levels of homework. I hope he continues to thrive here and fulfil his potential as I see his brother doing in Year 9.”

“I think the transition process is very good. The summer school gave my daughter more confidence and was very successful.”


Some of the comments made about how we might do better were specific to individual children and not echoed by others. On the one hand, this was very encouraging because it supports the figures quoted above in terms of suggesting we are getting most things right for most students. On the other hand it is always frustrating to know we might have done something better for any individual and we will keep trying our best to improve.

The table below summarises any points that were made, along with a brief response.

Point Raised

School Response

The least positive response was about the amount of homework being appropriate for age.

The feedback for this question is very contradictory with some parents believing that we give too much homework and others not enough. We believe that homework is important for developing independence and the study skills necessary to succeed in GCSE exams and beyond. If you feel that your child does not receive enough homework then please contact Mrs Burnside via email – headteacher@wgs.derbyshire.sch.uk and this will be looked at on an individual basis.

Disappointed that I did not get my appointment date until the day before.

In future all parents will receive a text message at least two days before the appointment date.

Would rather have positive comments than stamps in planner.

We would love to write positive comments in planners but it is all about the time available. Poor behaviour needs to be dealt with by others so more detail is needed but staff have been asked to write a comment if they are able to.

I sometimes think the school is a bit harsh giving comments out.

We do have very high standards for behaviour and very clear systems to support this so that every lesson counts for every student in terms of progress made.

Communication between staff is poor.   I had to tell several members of staff something before it was communicated to rest of teachers.

We are disappointed to hear that this has happened. If you have not had an adequate response from staff within a reasonable period of time then please contact Mrs Burnside via email – headteacher@wgs.derbyshire.sch.uk

Even with the homework app we sometimes still struggle to know exactly what homework has been set. I appreciate there may not be much more that can be done about this.

There is also space in planners for students to make notes on homework. If you have individual questions about homework then please ring student support and they will follow it up for you.

Teachers should lead by example around jewellery and piercings. New school uniform restrictions very extreme causing disruption in class to assess whether uniform fits to regulations.

Students need to understand that there are rules that have to be followed and this is true both in school and working life.

Give bright students stickers and stamps.

We always strive to reward every student if they are going above and beyond what is expected of them and encourage students to ask if they feel they deserve one but the teacher is busy and may have overlooked them.

Believe that children are not pushed/supported enough to gain greater grades. Gone from high levels to standard grade/levels. Don't seem to have early GCSE preparation/intervention.

GCSE preparation begins fully in Year 9, with the development of the necessary skills starting from Year 7.   If students do not make the progress necessary in a lesson then they have to spend time after school catching up any work missed. Staff are challenged to make sure their planning provides intervention for students falling behind every lesson and regular meetings are held to discuss student progress, identify barriers to learning and put strategies in place to maximise progress. If you feel that your child is not being pushed then please contact Mrs Burnside.

GCSE options are poor. There should be more choice e.g. languages, technology based.

The GCSE option choices have been limited by the performance measures put in place for schools. We offer as many options as possible within this framework.

Homework club encouraged especially for a specific lesson and that club focussed on that subject.

Homework club is attended by students from all years and help can be given in a range of subjects. If specific help is needed around a particular subject the students can speak to their class teacher and they will arrange a time to give extra support if needed.

Good meeting. Would be good to have some academic target figures and progress.

The target setting day is about building relationships between parents and school and developing behaviours for learning that are necessary for our students to succeed. It is difficult to report on progress after only a few weeks. Academic reports will follow throughout the year and can be discussed at future parent meetings.

It would be awesome if one of the transition days was fully structured as a proper school day so that children know what to expect

We do try to mimic a normal school day as much as possible but there are constraints because they have to fit in with the daily timetabled lessons of the students already in school.   This is something we will look at for next year.