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Personal, Social and Health Education

PSHE Guidance Policy

Personal, social and health education helps to prepare students to lead confident, healthy and responsible lives as individuals and members of society. Our coordinated and structured PSHE programme has been developed by our Form Tutors and Year Leaders to ensure that the needs of our students are being fully met as well as being underpinned by the general aims of the National Curriculum. Form Tutors deliver PSHE to their forms on a weekly basis.

We encourage the delivery of PSHE through work in lesson time and  along with a wide range of activities across and beyond the curriculum, students gain practical knowledge and skills to help them live healthily and deal with the spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues they face as they approach adulthood. PSHE gives students opportunities to reflect on their experiences and how they are developing. It helps them to understand and manage responsibly a wider range of relationships as they mature, and to show respect for the diversity of, and differences between, people. It also develops students’ well-being and self-esteem, encouraging belief in their ability to succeed and enabling them to take responsibility for their learning and future choice of courses and career.

The aim:

  • provide opportunities for all students to learn and achieve
  • promote students spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and to prepare students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.
  • develop confidence, independence, responsibility and personal identity
  • make the most of their abilities
  • reflect on their own and other people’s experiences and use and apply their learning in their own lives
  • develop healthy, safe lifestyles
  • develop good relationships and to respect the differences between people
  • develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will help them to become effective and active members of the community


The school aims to deliver a co-ordinated and structured PSHE programme, which demonstrates continuity and progression. Although some lessons may require written work to be completed, the nature of the programme gives students the opportunity to not only learn and record facts, but also to participate in discussions and develop the skills of: listening and responding to different points of view and articulating ideas and opinions.

What we study: 

  1. Careers: Careers Y7 - Y11 Overview
  2. Diversity, culture and British Values: Diversity, culture and British values Y7 - Y11 Overview
  3. Drugs, smoking and alcohol: Drugs, smoking and alcohol Y7 - Y11 Overview
  4. Finance: Finance Y7 - Y11 Overview
  5. Mental health: Mental health and well being Y7 - Y11 Overview
  6. Sex education and relationships: Sex education and relationships Y7 - Y11 Overview
  7. Staying safe and resilience: Staying safe plan Y7 - Y11 Overview
  8. Study skills and resilience: Study skills plan Y7 - Y11 Overview