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Ukraine Donations - Kindness Overflows

Thank you for everyone’s support and donations for the Ukraine refugees. Mrs Marsden, deputy head, said it best, “A little school with a great big heart.” It just shows that as a community, in times of hardship, we can all pull together to help others.

The doors opened at 8am on Wednesday and already there were people outside ready to donate clothes, toiletries, pet supplies, blankets and other basic items. The small pile soon grew to cover the entire floor of the drama studio. It was hard to find anywhere to walk! Many students and staff members were overcome with emotion when walking in to donate goods. One student said that when she entered the room she was shocked by how many people had brought donations. “It made me so happy.”

There were many tearful faces as staff set out to split the donations into categories. Everyone was so overjoyed with community spirit and was so pleased that our small school could help in such a big way. Originally, we only expected a few carrier bags, but it turns out we underestimated. There was so much that seven members of staff had to work non-stop on the giant pile all day. Thank you to Mrs Burnside, Mrs Marsden, Mrs Beresford-Robinson, Mrs Ward, Mrs Swain, Miss Dennett and Mr Carley for helping to organise the collection and making sure that things ran smoothly. A big thank you to Fletchers Waste Management for assisting us in taking the donations to Nuffield Health Centre along with Mrs Burnside.

Once again, we are so thankful and touched by all your generosity.
Mrs Burnside, Headteacher, said that “The response from our community to our request for support for the Ukrainian people has been tremendous and I would like to thank everyone for their generous donations.”

We know your thoughtfulness is going to help thousands of people in need. All of this just shows that when we work together and are kind to one another, we can do a great deal. 
Thank you.

Thea, Gemma and Amelia          

WGS News Reporters