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Year 7 Science units

Science skills, Cells, Separation techniques, Forces, Periodic table, Elements, compounds and mixtures, Light and sound, Microbes, Chemical reactions, Acids and Alkalis, Food and digestion, Solar system and Earth structure.

Year 7 Science Curriculum Overview

Year 8 Science

Plants and photosynthesis, Periodic table groups, Electricity, Inheritance, acid and metal reactions, speed, Cycles, Cells and transport, Atomic structure and bonding, Energy and power.

Year 8 Science Curriculum Overview

KS4 Science – AQA Triple and Trilogy specifications.

In Year 9 students cover the following topics:-

  • Biology – Cells, transport, cell division, Digestion and enzymes, Blood and circulation, Pathogens and disease, vaccinations, drug development, non-communicable diseases.
  • Chemistry – Atoms, atomic structure, Separation techniques, Development of the periodic table, patterns and trends in the periodic table, nanotechnology, metal and acid reactions, neutralisation, displacement reactions, reactivity series.
  • Physics – Energy types and efficiency, renewables and non-renewable energy types, Heat transfer, Charge and current, electricity, Density, states of matter, specific heat capacity and specific latent heat, pressure.

    Year 9 Science Curriculum Overview

In Year 10 students follow the following topics:-

  • Biology – Plant and photosynthesis, Respiration, Homeostasis, Fertility, nervous system, Inheritance and evolution.
  • Chemistry – Chemical equations, Quantitative chemistry, Titrations, Exothermic and endothermic reactions, Hydrocarbons, burning hydrocarbons, cracking, fractional distillation, History and evolution of the atmosphere, Life cycle assessments, recycling, finite and renewable resources. .
  • Physics – Resistance, Forces, motion, acceleration, terminal velocity, Waves, Electromagnetic spectrum, Communications.

Year 10 Combined Science Curriculum Overview

By Year 11 students are covering the following topics:-

  • Biology – Competition and adaptation, feeding relationships, material cycling, pollution and global warming. Revision of prior topics.
  • Chemistry – Haber process, Quantitative chemistry, Bond energy calculations, Water. Revision of prior topics.
  • Physics – Momentum, Motor effect, generator effect, transformers. Revision of prior topics.

Year 11 Combined Science Curriculum Overview

GCSE Science intervention/Revision -Monday after school and Wednesday Lunchtimes


Useful internet links

AQA Specifications

Official AQA web site for our GCSE Science courses.

BBC bitesize

Home page for the BBC's science revision aids.

My GCSE Science videos

MyGCSEscience YouTube channel page. AQA9-1 Biology, Physics, Chemistry videos.

Primrose Kitten

Primrose Kitten's YouTube channel home page. Vast range of science education videos for all ages and key stages.

Free GCSE Science lessons

Freesciencelessons.co.uk's YouTube channel homepage focussed on AQA 9-1 GCSE science course.

Fuse School

Fuse School's YouTube channel home page. Large collection of science educational videos.