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Key Stage 4

GCSE Support for Students

GCSE Exam season is approaching!

  • Does your child know when their March trial exams and summer GCSE exams are taking place?
  • Are they revising regularly at home?
  • Are they attending intervention sessions each week?
  • Are they keeping up-to-date with homework and other deadlines?
  • Are they coping with the demands of organising their time and dealing with the pressures?

At WGS we know that this is a very important time in your child’s school career.  All the work of the past few years has been focused on this moment and we are here to help and support our students and parents through this period.  In addition to well-planned and taught lessons, we provide intervention sessions, help with study skills, revision packs, support evenings, exam information sessions and individualised support for our students.

Parent Workshop 2019

Parent Mindset Guide

Revision Guide 2019

Good and Bad Revision 2019

Review your study habits – Blank template 2019

Weekly revision timetable blank 2019

exam boards



KS4: Maths Revision Links


GCSEs are changing

Parent letter GCSE changes ( summary of exam changes)  (link to Ofqual site)