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GCSE Results Day

Congratulations to our Year 11 students who have been collecting their results. We are proud of who you are, what you have achieved and look forward to watching as you take your next steps.

“All the hard work has paid off, I’ve done really well!” – Sam

“I’m really pleased with my results. It shows what happens when you revise!
My message to others would be to put yourself first in school. Its all about taking care of yourself and focusing on your education” – Eleanor

“To all you students doing GCSEs next year, work hard because it pays off. Good luck!” – Matt

Year 10 students were also collecting their GCSEs. It was lovely to see positive smiles on their faces.

“I’m very pleased with my results – one of which was in the top 3% in the country!
 My message to all the new Year 11s is to work hard and make this year count” – Eden