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Performing Arts

From September 2012 we will be offering the following courses:

  • OCR GCSE Drama
  • AQA GCSE Performing Arts
  • Edexcel BTEC Music

Students wishing to follow one of these courses will make their choice in the normal way, then they will be interviewed for which is the most appropriate route.  Please find below an outline of the three courses, if you require any help or further advice please see Miss Dennett or Mr Redgrave.


One Study Unit

This course is an enjoyable and practical approach to Drama, with the emphasis on learning through doing. It allows learners to improve their performance skills, by creating their own work and preparing existing texts for performance.

Students will study the following three core units.

‘From Page to Stage’
In this unit students will explore how a published text can be brought to life for a modern audience. The students will be assessed via their practical work on a text, which will be completed during class workshops. At the end of this process the students will then be required to perform an extract from the text to a small invited audience.

Drama in the Making’
By the end of this unit students will have devised an original piece of drama, having been exposed to a wide range of creative stimuli (Music, Art, Dramatic historical events) etc. Again students will be assessed on their contributions to the creative process and the presentation of their piece.

‘From Concept to Creation’
This unit of study gives students the exciting chance to explore the process of putting on a performance. A piece of text or a stimulus (e.g. picture, object, song etc) will be given to the students and via a series of workshops each of the creative processes will be explored. Students will be provided with the opportunity to Devise, Design, Direct and Perform. Students will also be assessed on their performance, planning and a written record of the rehearsal process.

What is expected from the learner?
It is essential that all learners should have a genuine interest in Drama and that they will be willing to perform in front of a small audience.  Please note it is not a requirement of the course to be involved in the main school shows.

AQA: GCSE Performing Arts  – One Study Unit
This is a vocational course where students can develop their skills in drama, dance and music/singing whilst learning about the performing arts industry from a variety of perspectives. The course is extremely practical and it encourages independence and initiative. By the end of this course students will have devised original pieces of work, having been exposed to a wide range of creative stimuli (Music, Poems, Pieces of Art, Plays, Historical events etc)

What is expected from the learner?
It is essential that all learners should have a genuine interest in the Performing Arts and that they will be willing to perform in front of an audience. Learners will also have a talent in either Music, Dance and/or Drama. Learners must be truly dedicated to the course and be willing to work with commitment and determination. There is a strong theoretical element to the course where learners will be expected to analyse a variety of compositions to further their own development.

How you will be assessed
All components of the Performing Arts courses will be assessed via practical work and a portfolio. The portfolio is made up of written assignments, recordings of musical/drama based practical tasks, tutor observations, sketches and a journal.

Hard work will be awarded by excellent grades and a progression to courses recognised both nationally and locally.

Edexcel BTEC Music  – One Study Unit

This is a course equivalent to two GCSEs, in which the students will complete the following three units:

The Development of Music
This unit gives learners knowledge of the role of music in society. It examines how social, historical and political aspects have influenced music, as well as acknowledging technological developments. Students will be expected to perform a piece of music from musical history.

Working as a Musical Ensemble
During this unit Students will explore the notion of ‘The Group’ looking at a range of musical ensembles. Students will then be required to select and perform two contrasting pieces of music working within a group.

Solo Performance
Playing in front of an audience can be one of the most exciting things you do and even more so if you are the solo performer. Over the course of this unit, students will explore a range of songs for their chosen instrument/voice and choose their own pieces they intend to prepare for performance. Planning and practising are both vital parts of a successful performance. It is recommended that students receive specialist tuition by outside tutors on their chosen instrument, though this is not essential to pass the course. Soloists are in charge of sorting out their own accompaniment / backing, whether this is a CD, band or single accompanist.  This is a challenging but rewarding unit and will develop your confidence as a performer.