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Extended Tasks

In history, students are set termly extended tasks to work on. The tasks for each year can be downloaded below:

Year 7
[download id=”84″ format=”2″]
[download id=”85″ format=”2″]
[download id=”86″ format=”2″]
[download id=”87″ format=”2″]
[download id=”88″ format=”2″]

Year 8
[download id=”89″ format=”2″]
[download id=”90″ format=”2″]
[download id=”91″ format=”2″]

Year 9
[download id=”92″ format=”2″]
[download id=”93″ format=”2″]
[download id=”94″ format=”2″]
[download id=”95″ format=”2″]
[download id=”96″ format=”2″]
[download id=”97″ format=”2″]