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Advice following vaccination:

Please find below advice to refer to following vaccination in school.

Teenage Booster (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Polio) and Meningitis ACWY are offered to all Year 9 students. This is two injections which are given on the same day.

The HPV (Human Papillomavirus) vaccine is offered to Year 8 and Year 9 girls. They receive one dose in Year 8 and the second dose in Year 9.

Please be advised if deemed competent by the nurse, students are able to self-consent to these vaccinations.

New school advice letter for teenage vaccinations


School Closure Procedure:

snowminiSchool Closure Procedure

The most likely situations we face are:

  •  Extreme weather conditions, snow, heating, water or power failure either:

 –       during the school day

 –       at the start of the school day.

  •  Heating, water or power failure which requires the school to close for emergency repairs.

In the event of any of the above difficulties the arrangements will be as follows.

  •  Snow, heating, water or power failure during the school day

We will let parents know the situation as soon as possible via the school website and through a text message.

We will make every effort to keep students in school as long as possible to ensure they are supervised and safe.

Parents who wish to come into school and collect their child may do so, but may not collect any other students unless we receive a telephone call from the other parents confirming that this is acceptable.

Students can be sent home if their parents telephone school and give their permission.

Students who live within easy walking distance of school may also go home with parental permission by telephone.

The school buses and taxis will be asked to try and come earlier, to ensure that students who travel by bus or taxi can get home before the roads become too dangerous.  Parents are asked to try and make prior arrangements for their child to go to a friend or neighbours, if they cannot get into their house if they arrive home a little earlier.

The remaining students will stay in school and will be sent home, starting with Year 11, if we are satisfied that they have somewhere safe to go.

We will aim to contact parents and carers first and then the emergency contact number if we are unable to contact parents and carers.

Any student who wishes or needs to remain in school until 3.00 pm may do so.

Where parents who would normally collect students are delayed themselves, it would be helpful if they could contact school as soon as possible, so we can ensure that students remain in school until they are collected.

Members of staff will be in school until all students have been collected or alternative arrangements have been agreed.

  • Bad weather conditions, heavy snow or school closed at the start of the school day

 If the weather or road conditions first thing in the morning are considered to be too dangerous or we are without heating etc the school may be closed to students.

Announcements will be made on Peak 107 and Radio Sheffield and a text message will be sent to parents and carers. Information will also be posted on the school website.

In bad weather the school buses will be cancelled so if the school bus does not arrive do not try to make your way into school, stay at home.

If you are in any doubt or walk to school please telephone school and ask if school is open before setting off.  There will be no late detention on bad weather days.

  • Working at Home

If the school closes due to any of the above circumstances students should continue with their studies at home.

Students should firstly ensure all homework they have been set is fully completed.  Students can also access online resources.

Returning to school after a closure

Parents can assume that when the severe weather has passed the school will reopen to students.  A text message will be sent to parents and carers and announcements will be made on the school website and local radio. Parents may also telephone school for further information.

Where the closure is due to other reasons, such as heating or water supply failure, text messages will be sent updating parents on the progress of the repairs and indicating when the school will re-open.

Information will also be available on the school website and announcements will be made on local radio.

  •  Contact telephone numbers

 Many parents have told us they find the text message system very helpful and as a school it is one of the best ways we can send out information very quickly.

To help our system we would be grateful if parents can let us know of any changes to their telephone numbers as soon as possible so we can update our records.

Please contact the school office on 01246 450825 if you need to update your contact numbers.


Thank you.

End Of Term Letter December 2018

 Dear Parents/Carers

I would like to say a huge thank you to all of our parents and carers for the support you are giving to us in ensuring your children attend school. Our attendance figures are better than national average for all measures for the first time and we could not do that without you.

Not only are our students attending school more regularly, they also have an improved attitude to learning which is evidenced by the reduction in the number of comments that staff are having to put in planners. Improved attitudes also means a greater level of progress and this is also evidenced through the grades achieved already by the current Year 11 cohort. They have achieved highly, not only against the performance of previous cohorts here, but against students nationally.  A big Well Done! to all.

Thank you to all of the parents who attended our parent forum. It is important that we get feedback from you in order to make effective changes to help make things easier for you to support your child and share with you any issues we are aware of that could impact on your child outside of school so that we can help to keep everyone safe.

Our Christmas raffle is well underway and students should have brought home some raffle tickets to sell to relatives and neighbours as we have some great prizes, which have been kindly donated by local businesses.

Prizes include:

  • Sheffield United Football tickets
  • Haddon Hall and Hardwick Hall family tickets
  • Studio 1 and Photogenix portrait sessions
  • Matlock Farm Park tickets, plus many more…
  • In addition, our fantastic hampers made by each form group

The final day of term is Friday 21st December and school will be finishing at 12.30pm. The buses have been rearranged for this time, but if that causes any problems for anyone then please do let us know and we can make arrangements for your child to be looked after until later.

Everyone at Whittington Green would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and we offer you our best wishes for a happy and successful 2019.

Yours sincerely

Tracey Burnside



Important dates for Term 3

Monday 7th January 2019 – Spring Term begins

Tuesday 29th January – Parent Workshop (information to follow next term)

Tuesday 5th February – Year 8 Options Evening and Year 7 and 8 Parents Evening

Whittington Whisperer Autumn-Winter

Autumn-Winter edition of the Whittington Whisperer is hot off the press!  We have seen much activity, celebration and inspiration in school, with many events taking place.
Catch up with all the news in this edition of the Whittington Whisperer: Whittington Whisperer Autumn_Winter 2018

Post 16 Event

Y10 and Y11 students attended a Post 16 event at school which gave them the opportunity to meet and chat to many providers ranging from sixth form schools, colleges, universities, armed forces and apprenticeship partners.

Our students really enjoyed talking to everyone at the event, but particularly with our ex students who had gone on to join sixth form.

Many thanks to all those who supported us. It was a very enjoyable and informative event…

Free Guide: Raising awareness about ‘Online Grooming’

As part of National safety Online #WakeUp campaign, they have created a free guide for parents & carers to raise awareness about ‘online grooming’. Every child is at risk and we need trusted adults to be able to spot the signs before it’s too late.

More than 3,000 offences of grooming children online for sex have been committed by paedophiles since a new law on sexual communication was introduced in April 2017. This free guide for parents & carers covers what you need to know to help safeguard your children from being groomed online, including warning signs they should look out for and more.

Please follow the link below for the Online Grooming guide for parents & carers:

Post 16 Morning

Whittington Green School are holding a Post 16 morning for Y10 and Y11 students on Thursday 18 October 9am – 11am.

There will be a number of 6th Form schools, colleges, training providers and companies offering apprenticeships and training vacancies coming into school to showcase what they have to offer our students.

Parents and Carers are welcome to join us.

Heath & Social Care Careers Evening

A Health and Social Care Careers Evening will be held at the Chesterfield Royal Hospital Education Centre on
Tuesday 16 October from 4 – 7 pm.  All ages welcome!

Updated YouTube Guide For Parents & Carers

The National Online Safety Team have created a free updated YouTube guide for parents & carers for school to share with its whole school community!

YouTube is the world’s largest video platform and the 2nd biggest search platform (after Google), with over 1.8 billion users per month, and this free guide for parents & carers covers what you need to know about the platform to help safeguard your children from potential online risks including; age inappropriate videos, in-app messaging, dangerous challenge/viral videos, digital wellbeing and more.

YouTube guide for parents & carers:  

Updated WhatsApp Guide For Parents & Carers

The National Online Safety Team have received hundreds of requests for an updated WhatsApp guide for parents & carers so they’ve created a free guide to share with our whole school community!

WhatsApp is the largest global social messaging platform, with over 1.5 billion users per month, and this free guide for parents & carers covers what they need to know about the platform to help safeguard their children from potential online risks including; the new age limit (16+), scam messages, connecting with strangers, location sharing and more.

Please help spread the message by retweeting the WhatsApp guide for parents & carers here:

Many thanks for your continued support and for helping us to achieve a safer online world for children!