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School Governors

Whittington Green School Governor Impact Statement

We have redefined our vision and ethos for the school and embedded this in our daily routines.

As legally required we have reorganised our own membership and we are taking the opportunity to audit the skills of governors. At the same time, we are actively looking to increase the size of the governing body to include those with stronger experience within secondary education, business and the wider community.

The school has managed a rapidly decreasing budget without a deficit. We have demanded detailed financial reports which have allowed the governors to establish much clearer financial accountability.

We have viewed detailed analysis by staff of the last year’s exam results and put into place plans for improving those areas most in need of better outcomes.

By strongly supporting the headteacher to reorganise the senior leadership of the school we have strengthened lines of responsibility raised the profile of teaching and learning and increased the effectiveness of monitoring student progress and outcomes.

We have used well qualified outside experts to help departments which have not been improving rapidly especially help with moderation of marking. We have also supported non specialist teachers in the development of the curriculum. Some contacts have been through the local authority and others through our networking.

Governors have established a clear role in supporting departments and holding them to account, through a regular programme of monitoring visits and involvement in the school’s quality assurance process. Regular visits also monitor specific aspects of the school development plan.

Future actions:

Governors will continue to challenge and support appropriately, including acknowledging areas where real impact is seen.


Chair of Governors
Mr B Midgley (appointed 31.8.14)

Vice Chair of Governors
Mrs G Wilderman (appointed 7.3.16)

Co-opted Governors
Rev. J Morris (appointed 31.8.14) (Governor at Mary Swanwick)
Mr B Midgley (appointed 31.8.14)
Mrs G Widerman (appointed 7.3.16)
Mrs A Ward (appointed 31.8.14)
Ms Bernadette Wattam (appointed 5.12.16)

Parent Governors
Mr J Kay (appointed 2.10.13)

LEA Governors
Mrs M Burkitt (appointed 26.9.16)

Mrs T Burnside

Staff Governors
Ms N France

Clerk to Governors
Sarah J. Whitaker

Governor Roles and Responsibilities

Please click on the following link to view governors-roles-and-responsibilities-september-2016

Governor Meeting Dates 2016-17

Mitchells Auditing of PSF 2014-2015