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Enhanced Resource

WGSĀ has an Enhanced Resource for hearing impaired students. It offers on-site special support and resources, including individual teaching of language programmes, to hearing impaired students with a wide range of needs. The Enhanced Resource is staffed by a Teacher of the Deaf and 7 Communication Support Workers (CSWs). Hearing impaired students attending WGS access a high level of specialist support in order to gain full access to, and benefit from, a mainstream education. Most, but not all of our students have a Statement of Special Educational Needs.

We have a philosophy of Total Communication, and use a range of communication strategies to support the needs of the individual student. These include Sign Supported English (SSE), British Sign Language (BSL), and aural/oral approach.

Students are fully included in mainstream classes and receive 1-1 support from a CSW or Teacher of the Deaf. All hearing impaired students have full access to out-of-school activities, and residential visits. On occasions, students are withdrawn from mainsteam classes to access 1-1 teaching in the ERS base.

Examples of this may include:

  • A deaf student with significant speech and language difficulties (English as an additional language, or a student who has recently received a cochlear implant)
  • A student who needs to catch up on work due to absences due to illness. Some of our deaf students work in small group situations (with a CSW or ToD) in smaller mainstream teaching groups with subject specialist teachers. This is mainly in maths and English.

The Teacher of the Deaf checks hearing aids weekly, and deals with day-to-day maintenance and minor repairs. An Audiologist from Chesterfield Hospital attends school every week during term time to check post aurals and deal with any problems which might have arisen. An educational audiologist from the HI service visits school termly to check and balance radio aids.